East Bay Manager Recognized

East Bay Manager Recognized

Matt2Matthew Rogers, branch manager for the East Bay branch has been certified as a Recognized Surface Cleaner by the Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies AssociationBASMAA was started in response to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting program for storm water in an effort to promote regional consistency and to facilitate efficient use of public resources.

East Bay customers will now benefit from Mr. Rogers’ understanding and best practices for the management of pollution from surface cleaning.


Did you know…

Without proper practices, surface cleaning harms the environment . . .
In most parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, storm drains are pathways for pollution, traveling directly from streets, gutters, and other paved surfaces to local creeks or the Bay, Ocean or Delta. Wash water from surface cleaning activities often carries pollutants that can harm the  numerous wildlife species that depend on healthy waterways for their survival.

. . .And it’s against the law!
Allowing polluting substances into storm drains is prohibited in California. Both the person who discharges the pollutant or leaves it behind, and the owner of the property where the material is generated are liable.

Matt’s training provides guidance for mobile cleaners to prevent pollution when cleaning flat surfaces such as sidewalks, plazas, building exteriors, parking areas, and drive-throughs.