Coast Landscape is Bay-Friendly

Coast Landscape is Bay-Friendly

We Adhere to the “Sustainable Practices for the Landscape Professional” playbook!

At Coast Landscape Management, we understand Bay-Friendly Landscaping is a whole systems approach to the design, construction and maintenance of the landscape in order to support the integrity of one of California’s most magnificent ecosystems, the San Francisco Bay watershed.

As a Bay-Friendly landscape professional, we help to create and maintain healthy, beautiful and vibrant landscapes by:

  • Landscaping in harmony with the natural conditions of the San Francisco Bay watershed.
  • Reducing waste and recycling materials.
  • Nurturing healthy soils while reducing fertilizer use.
  • Conserving water, energy and topsoil.
  • Using integrated pest management to minimize chemical use.
  • Reducing stormwater runoff.
  • Creating wildlife habitat.

Bay-Friendly is….

…a holistic approach to gardening and landscaping that works in harmony with the natural conditions of the San Francisco Bay Watershed. Bay-Friendly practices foster soil health, conserve water and other valuable resources while reducing waste and preventing pollution


A well-designed and maintained Bay-Friendly Landscape from Coast Landscape Management can cost less to maintain in the long run by consuming fewer resources. For public spaces, Bay-Friendly Landscapes embody community values for health, wildlife and the environment. For private property, Bay-Friendly landscaping addresses issues our clients care about, such as lower water or garbage bills as well as increased environmental benefits.

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